UKNOWN to people that waste time, what they’re actually wasting is opportunity! The moment you recognise time as opportunity, you will no longer waste even a second of your life!

He also that is slothful in his work is brother to him that is a great waster     —Prov. 18:9

HOW DO YOU spend your spare time? What do you do when you seem to be less busy? Providing answers to these questions will go a long way in helping you see time as opportunity.

Most people are poor because they can’t recognise the value of time; and genuinely rich people are known to be the best at recognising the value of time. Many parents destroy the future of their children by allowing them stay glued to the television for hours every day, and these children grow up to become public nuisance, insensitive, unproductive and self-serving!

Many young folks have hundreds of movies crammed into their computers and mobile devices and they keep watching movies endlessly during their spare moments. How can such people ever recognise opportunities for personal and national development?

Any individual or group of people that wastes time in unproductive ventures is equally wasting opportunities. Until you see time as opportunity in disguise, you keep being a waster of precious resources!

CONFESSION: In Jesus Name, I refuse to waste time. I realise that wasting time is tantamount to wasting opportunities. I henceforth have respect for my time and the time of others.


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