I HAVE WALKED in perfect health for more than 25 years! Thanks to the ministry of Kenneth E. Hagin that taught me the integrity of God’s Word. Little did I know that what I read in Bro. Hagin’s books more then 25 years ago can transform my destiny forever. It can work for you too!

MY JOURNEY OF FAITH began more than twenty five years ago, after I got in contact with the ministry of Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin. Back in those years, my pastor was an avid reader of anointed books, and he it was, who gave me a couple of The Word of Faith Magazines, a monthly publication of faith-filled teaching from Kenneth Hagin Ministries.

For the first time in my Christian life, I read about Brother Hagin’s testimony of faith, where he said he has not had a headache in more than fifty years!

Kenneth Hagin’s Testimony Changed My Life Forever!

I couldn’t believe my eyes as I read those words by Brother Hagin in one of those magazines. I thought to myself, “Am I dreaming? Is this man a human being like me or a mysterious being that dropped from heaven?” My head told me what I read couldn’t possibly be true, but way down in my spirit, something seemed to tell me it was the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

You see, I couldn’t help but think this way because I was very sickly as a young boy. Especially when I reached my teenage years, I was always having one health issue or the other. As a matter of fact, I fell so ill at a time that I nearly died in the hospital!

As I meditated on this teaching, I was led by the Spirit of God to buy all of Rev Kenneth E. Hagin’s books and audio messages I could lay my hands on. I obeyed the Lord, and I started saving money as an eighteen-year old boy, just to buy books and tapes.

Pretty soon, I discovered that God was no respecter of persons, because just like Brother Hagin taught in all of his books on faith and healing, any child of God can develop and use their faith to receive whatever they want from God.

The more I read those books, the more I began to see myself completely free from a life of sicknesses and diseases. My entire life was to experience a radical turnaround, as I started confessing God’s Word in the line of healing, that “I can never be sick, because the Bible says, ‘Himself took my infirmities and carried my pains.’”

20 Years Have Come And Gone…!

I must be perfectly honest with you, that for more than twenty five years since I received this revelation of faith, the Lord has proven Himself faithful, because I’ve not been sick in all of these years, hallelujah!

To tell you the truth about the matter, the last headache I had was more than twenty five years ago; praise His holy Name forever! Everything started through the mountain-moving faith. I understood what it meant by having faith as a grain of mustard seed, according to what Jesus said in Matthew 17:20.

Today, I’m a living witness to this truth, because I have been hale and hearty for more than twenty years! That is why the Lord has laid it on my heart to teach you how to get anything you want from God, which includes: healing, deliverance from demonic activities, financial prosperity and every other blessing you may ever think of in this life.


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