MONEY is essential to a man’s existence on earth. Many people struggle everyday just to make money. However, there are wrong and right ways to make money. In this article, you will learn about God’s way of making money, which turns out to be the easiest way!

SEVERAL YEARS AGO, I was in the bathroom one particular morning when the Spirit of God  began to speak to me on the subject of financial prosperity. He said, “When a believer is ready for financial blessings to manifest in his life, I begin to connect him with many other human beings who already have the resources he needs to enjoy financial and material blessings.”

I was particularly arrested by this truth that it stayed on my mind for several days. As I did some further meditation and study along this line, the Lord revealed to me that what He told me in that bathroom by His Spirit is actually His original plan for prospering His children financially on earth.

“As a matter of fact” the Lord told me, “all the resources you will ever need are in the earth realm and scattered abroad in the hands of many men and women; all I do is connect you to the resources of these people.”

Then the Lord went on to reveal to me that this is the easiest way His children can make money and become financially prosperous on earth! I write this book to show you how God connects His children with the resources of people who already possess what they need in order for them to be financially blessed.

God Is the Owner of All Resources

Before we proceed to the next chapter, I want us to consider two hypothetical fellows: Mr. X and Mr. Y.  Let’s say Mr. X is a stupendously wealthy man while Mr. Y is just an average person who merely survives on meager resources. Assume a situation where a relationship develops between Mr. X and Mr. Y in such a way that Mr. X grants Mr. Y an unhindered access to all his vast resources. When this happens, we can safely conclude that Mr. X has given the power for prosperity to Mr. Y.

This paints a good picture of what God does to prosper His children. You see, God is the real owner of all the resources in this earthly realm; which includes financial resources. No matter who is in possession of any financial resources — be it an atheist, a footballer, a prostitute an idol worshiper or an evangelist; God is still the owner of all these resources.

The truth is that no mortal man brought anything to this world. The Bible says: “For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out”(1Tim. 6:7). The book of Psalm also says,“For every beast of the forest is mine, and the cattle upon a thousand hills”(Ps. 50:11).

No matter who it is that possesses any of these resources on earth, he or she is a mere custodian of God’s resources! In a nutshell, God is the owner of all resources in the hands of all men on earth put together! However, the point I want to get across to you here is that, there is a supernatural plan by which God converts part of His resources in other people’s hands to become your own resources.

This plan is the easiest and best way you can make money and become financially prosperous. It is this plan you will be learning throughout the pages of this book. Let us now go over to the next chapter, where you will clearly see that everything begins with money-making ideas.

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