ONE OF THE BEST ways to test your values is in the quality of your gifts. Before you give to God or mankind, ask yourself: Would I feel honoured to receive the same quality of gift? This will help you decide the quality or value of your offering.

Honor the LORD with thy substance, and with the firstfruits of all thine increase —Prov. 3:9

MANY PEOPLE just expect to receive from God and the church while they are unwilling to give anything; and even if at all they would give anything, they give God the money they themselves can never pray to receive from God or anybody!

Many times, I’ve stood in front of the church to illustrate why believers must check their values where giving to God is concerned.

I often show them by illustrating like this:  “How would you feel if you visited me at home, and I didn’t as much as offer you water throughout your visit; and when you stood up to take your leave, I excitedly dipped my hand in my pocket and brought out a N50 bill and handed it to you as gift? What would be your impression about me?”

“Would you ever feel honoured if I gave you such a worthless amount of money as a guest in my house? If you know the difference between honour and dishonor where receiving is concerned, why would you choose to thread the path of dishonour to give God an offering you would never appreciate yourself?”

CONFESSION: In Jesus Name, I will be more thoughtful about the quality of offering I bring to God. I will no longer give God an offering that I myself would feel dishonoured to receive.



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